Faith Formation

Considering the prime duty of a CMC sister to involve in Christian formation of the faithful, sisters in all communities are involved in catechism and also animate different pious associations like Cherupushpa Mission League, Christeen, KCYM etc. in parishes.

Special attention is given to the Christian families and individuals who face problems. Home Mission, Christeen, prayer and counselling programmes are conducted in parishes and schools. A team of sisters are involved in faith formation (F.F.T). In Home Mission programme, families are visited by members of F.F.T . The basic problems of individuals and families are recognized and through prayer and counseling they find solution to those problems, enabling them to lead a peaceful life in their families. Follow up programmes are also given by F.F.T

Christeen is another area of our concentration. A ten member team work ardently in this field. Modern techniques like LCD, Lap Top are used in these programmes. Gospel message is imparted to the young generation through this, there by deepening the Christian formation. They also deal with the children and their problems and find solution through counselling during Christian Programmes. Such spiritual training leads to maturity and personal responsibility to lead a happy life.