New ventures

1. Short stay Home
Our experiences in Social work field compelled us to find a secure home for women, where they can live safely for a short period of time when they find it insecure/ impossible to live at their own home. Our social service centre (Navajyothi centre) welcomes such women and tries to save them and help them to overcome their problem/situation. For such women our Carmel Home provides a Short Stay till they are ready to go home.

2. Women Empowerment programmes Centre
The women folk are often deprived of earning on their own. This economic deprivation increases her dependence on others. Some times they are victims of  exploitation of their own dependence. There are others who fear to stay alone at home during day time. There are many reasons for their fear. Also there are women who have no job opportunities even though they are willing to do some job. All these women are to be cared for. So our Navajyothy Social centre opened a new centre for such women who wish to spend their day time doing something worth, doing together with other friends in the centre and make an earning for themselves. Here they get some orientation programmes, training and group work. Thus they are able to keep their mind, soul & body healthy and make an economic profit too.

3. Carmel Charitable Society Mylasandra - Bangalore
Through the home visits and village visits our sisters in Mylasandra felt the need of economic,                               moral, spiritual and emotional support for women folk. We conducted awareness programme for women and on 2008 we registered a society known as Carmel charitable society. Under this Society there are self help groups, started a goat project for the women in self help groups. Sr.Anceline and Sr.Claret are interested in the empowerment of village women and children.