Fields of Apostolate

Our main fields of apostolate were faith formation and Education. The CMC in Malabar was called to serve the people of God as directed by the Bishop of Tellicherry. Hence our sisters dedicated their service in the diocesan institutions and in the parishes. The first community, which was formed on the 29th of July 1956, was dedicated for the service of the people of God entrusted to them in Wayanad. Our heroic pioneers worked successfully and zealously in the fields of pastoral work, education and missionary activities even risking their lives. The presence and service of our sisters, trained in the Carmelite spirituality of prayer and apostolic zeal, gave new vigour and leadership to deepen the Christian faith and a new phase in the spiritual culture of the Diocese and parishes. When the new Mananthavady Diocese was inaugurated in 1973, we had the privilege of forming and nurturing the new born babe. Sr.Mariatta, who worked with the diocesan team for the first 22 years in the fields of Catechism, Education, Pious organizations, Vocation bureau, family apostolate etc, had contributed our share in forming the diocesan church in its early years. Similarly the services rendered by Sr.Pushpa in the Social work field for 25 years gave an orientation to the Diocesan tasks. Our late Sr.Agatha CMC served the Catholic Women Association of the Diocese for a long time.