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Our Ministries



The main apostolate of our province is education ,aiming at the intellectual, social, economic , moral and spiritual development of the people, particularly of women and children.

 Education is not just a profession, but a sacred call, a great apostolate through which we participate in the teaching mission of the church. The total formation of the human person in the pursuit of intellectual and professional excellence , as much for his own enrichment as for the service of the society and the nation in the spirit of Christ has always been the top priority in the educational endeavours.

Care is taken to make educational process a tool for the cultivation of social, ethical and spiritual values which enable him or her to become an agent of social transformation. 

We sensitize our students to the dignity and equality of women. 

Our educators co-operate closely with the parents of our students and the general public.

We aim to make the students think for themselves critically and creatively.
Good libraries, well equipped laboratories, prayer rooms guidance and counselling centre, Social service outlets, tours and entertainments , remedial teaching programmes and leadership training programmes , accessible even to the poor students ,regardless of their caste or creed ,are often part of our institutions.

There are two  CBSE schools under CMC Sacred Heart province Mananthavady

1. Carmelgiri English Medium School, Thalanji  in  Malappuram District 
2. Infant Jesus English Medium School, Kenichira  in Wayanad District.

There are around  100  teaching and  non teaching faculty  in both the schools. The number of students in both the schools are around 2,000.
We have around 15 Sisters staff in Kindergarten section . 
The total number of Sisters working in un aided schools from the province is around 23 and in aided schools is around 22.

Our schools strives for the "Liberation through Wisdom of the Child" with integration of excellence in academic and co-curricular spheres.

Our Vision of education aims at forming leaders who are

i. intellectually competent,
ii. spiritually mature,
iii. morally upright,
iv. psychologically integrated,
v. physically healthy 
vi. socially acceptable

will champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace and who are ever open to further growth.

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