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Social Work

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These members are getting classes on various subjects in every month from the staff of the society and help them to solve their family problems by themselves. 
Chavara souhruda vedi
    It is only for children those who are belong to the age group of 5 to 18 years.  The intention of this group is to the overall development of the children.  The society has 25 groups of children. Each group has 10 children. The children have a bank account in their name. They are saving 200 rupees every month, half of the amount given by the society each month for them. This helps the children to have an attitude of savings. These amounts they can with draw only when they are going for professional studies. The staff of the society conducts various activities for the overall development of the children once in three months

Day care services:
    The society started  day care services for the old age women. They can gather in the social service center once in a week to share their experience, they joy, sorrows with their friends. They will be alone in the house when their children going for work. These services provided strength to move ahead with joyfully. The society provides counseling services and also relaxation therapy.
Food security and environmental protection
    Society distributed seeds of the vegetables and fruits plants to the women to have kitchen garden, And also conducted competitions on organic kitchen garden. The Online classes are given to women on the importance of the organic vegetable garden and the protection of the environment. 735 women got benefit out of this class
COVID care services: 
* The society Conducted blood donation camp in order to reduce the deficiency of blood in the blood bank during lock down. Fourty four sisters donated their blood.
* The society Provided 10000 masks for police department, old people, scheduled tribes when they are in need                                           
* Two houses kept for quarantine 40 persons got benefited from these houses.
* The staff of the society provided their wholehearted services to take care of the COVID positives patients and those who are in quarantine.
* The staff of the society cooked and served food for many families those who are infected corona virus and they were unable to cook in their houses.                         

* Mushroom cultivation 

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